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Starting with the slogan “Occupational Safety Everywhere for Everyone”, we offer our experience and knowledge on Occupational Safety and Software with “Wellcome".

As per Law No. 6331 on Occupational Health and Safety, you can conduct your Visitor and Subcontractor Training in a mobile environment or on the web by sending an SMS.  You can follow your subcontractors’ documentation. You can monitor the expired documents with automatic reminders.  If you wish, you can also conduct internal training of your in-house personnel over this system and follow both your personnel and subcontractors through evaluation and assessment reports. 


You can run the Wellcome software on your mobile phones, tablets, or Windows-installed computers. You can install the version suitable for your devices by clicking the following links.



  • Eliminate your work losses by informing your visitors and subcontractors remotely over the mobile platform before they arrive in your company.

  • Have your subcontractors and visitors complete their documents or training before starting to work in your company to save time and reduce your potential costs due to the delay of the work.

Elektrik Müfettişler
  • Reduce the likelihood of accidents your subcontractors and visitors may experience by 80%.

İş Yerinde Roofer
  • Save 60% of the time and man/day by conducting training with mobile devices.

Uygulama Kullanıcı


  • Besides the initial occupational health and safety training, to digitalize the 2nd year training of our personnel.

Takım toplantısı
  • To enhance training with the opportunity to assess and evaluate.

verilerin analiz
  • To digitalize the on-the-job training of our new personnel.

Tablette Çalışma
  • Possibility of changing the questions in the question pool instantly, according to the agenda.

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Are the occupational safety training and documentation for your visitors ready?

Save 60% of time and money by conducting training with mobile devices.

Are your subcontractors ready to work in your company? Are their training and documents ready?

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